How do foreign students of Kyoto University find employment at Japanese companies? 

Covid -19 could not stop us from having the event and sharing all the hot news we longed to share with our precious KUIEC members.The 4th meetup has to be the most enlightening event of KUIEC so far as we as a club was able to give out comprehensive answers to some of the most pressing questions the members have been having for some time.

We had our very own club member and alumna of Kyoto University Graduate School of Management, Eva Vasikj starting off the event by explaining her journey in finding the career of her dreams in Japan while being a foreign national. She explained both the benefits and costs of this journey narrating her story on making it in Japan as a foreign student. She later gaveus very specific tips and tricks on getting a job. As KUIEC is still a closed community limited to only Kyoto University students and alumni, we later shared Eva’s presentation with this group.

Next session was done by Japan Hackathon Co-organizer SnurHamid. This is our latest and biggest event so far! The whole team has worked/working extremely hard to bring this dream to a realization. We have envisioned this together and it’s undoubtedly going to be a huge success with us having some of the biggest industry giants like SAP, Dropbox, Microsoft onboard.

Kyoto Prefecture Government has also partnered with us as the core sponsor of the event. It’s happening on June 26th-28th on a special version of Zoom. We’ll be updating you guys more on the event separately.

After Snur gave a brief explanation of the event we were quite surprised to see many members of the audience willing to register as participants. The members gave us good feedback as well.  The final session was conducted by the Chief Director of JETRO Kyoto, Mr. Naofumi Makino on how to obtain a Startup and Management visa.He’s an extremely open minded and friendly guy willing to listen to all our feedback and come up with solutions to help the Kyoto entrepreneurial community. He’s truly passionate about making the Kyoto entrepreneurial ecosystem thrive!

All in all, it was a fruitful and entertaining 2 hours with important questions and right answers from the right people. We thank all the members who participated for your interest and trust in our work. We are expanding thanks to members like you.

We look forward to our 5th meetup after the Hackathon.Looking forward to seeing some of y’all at the hackathon!Cheers!

Report by Harini